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Arctic Hotel

Finnland’s greatest asset is its abundance of unspoilt nature. Camping and trekking are an economic and environmen- tally friendly form of tourism for the more adventurous trav- eler. Apart from the possibility of pitching a tent, which is legal throughout Scandinavia (‘right of public access to the wilderness’), a rustic typology has evolved in Finnish forests: The ‘laavu’ is a primitive wilderness hut, that provides shelter during hiking or fishing trips. It is partly open, so that a camp fire can heat the hut at night. There aren’t many typologies that enhance nature experience in such an intense way like the ‘laavu’. Arctic Skyview Resort aims to make the concept of mini- mum-impact-tourism and camping accessible to a broader range of people by providing a splendid view, nature ex- perience and simple amenities (bed, fireplace, restroom, restaurant, hot tubs and sauna, etc.). respectively a sky room. An exhibition space to educate about the Nothern Lights and loacal culture, a canteen, as well as a roof terrace with hot tubs and saunas are placed along the sky room.

The Arctic Skyview Resort is all about the view and perception of the Aurea Borealis, the forest and landscape that shape Ounasvaara Hill, as well as a mindful and deep holi- day experience for all visiting guests. Upgraded versions of the ‘laavu’ are stacked together and lifted up to the treetops. The vertical circulation reduces the impact on the forest ground, allows trees to grow within the structure and keeps the focus on the sky. 120 The whole structure is reached through a central building,


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