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Green-field construction

Whether you are planning a new building or want to increase the density of an existing one - Archiformus accompanies you through every phase of your project. From the first creative brainstorming sessions to the final completion of the building.

Nebliges Feld

1. Entwurf und Konzept


We examine what development options the property offers.

We respect the individual needs and requirements of the client, as well as the project budget. The construction method, size, materials and energy sources are specified for the building permit application.


We design with ecological and sustainable aspects in mind (see 5 principles) .

2. Permission Planning

We apply for the building permit 

(Duration ca. 3-6 months)

Once the permit is there, execution planning starts, materials are found and construction services arranged.

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3. Execution of Construction


Tendering for construction services, obtaining offers and concluding the construction contract. The house is built (approx. 6-18 months depending on the size of the project) and we monitor the quality standard. Completion can be turnkey or at a desired stage of completion.

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