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Volume Zero Tiny House Competiton 2020

Shortlisted Project: Tiny Sphere for Isaac Newton

Inspired by ‘The Cenotaphe’ by French architect Boullée (a giant sphere in memory of Isaac Newton), we wondered what a small refuge for Sir Newton would look like, if it was designed today. A tiny sphere is the answer. A green hideaway, a place of deep research, a contemplative and cosmic space to connect with the surrounding nature without being troubled by the woes of our time. The sphere has a diameter of 19 feet and an area of 283 squarefeet. Instead of dividing the space inside, the shell of the sphere becomes functional with built-in features and furniture. It can be revolved in all directions, enabling multiple wall settings.

A leveled core inside sits on ball bearings and provides a spacious platform. The habitant can make full use of the space while selecting a desired shell configuration. The entrance hatch, an antechamber and a washroom unit are located at the bottom part. ‘You don’t enter the rooms, the rooms are rotating towards you’ The Tiny Sphere is the architectural salute to Sir Isaac Newton and the attempt to capture cosmic force and the importance of science within the design of this tiny house.


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