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The most ecological house is the one that continues being used!

The existing building stock offers huge potential, improve your existing building in collaboration with us.

1. Project Analysis and Concept Development

In a comprehensive building analysis, we examine you building's potential and give information on possible ways to refurbish or extend your existing structure.

We respect the economical feasibility of the project and find the most suitable solution.

2. Permission, Funding and Energy Efficiency


We check which permits are necessary. We create renovation schedules for energy-efficient renovations and determine where there is potential for savings. We advise on possible funding and help with the application process.

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3. Carrying out the construction work


Tender offer, call for bids and completion of the contract. When building in existing contexts, important details about the building are often only discovered during construction, therefore an agile planning and good site-supervision are of fundamental importance.

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Nachodstr. 18 

10779 Berlin  



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