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We optimize building performance in existing and new buildings

Forty percent of buildings in Germany are not insulated. On average, 70% of the heating energy is lost through the building envelope.

The federal government has also recognized this weakness. For this reason, the Federal Office for Economic Affairs promotes measures that help increase the energy efficiency of the building envelope, such as windows or doors, and insulation of the external walls or roof.


With Archiformus you can rely on a competent expert when it comes to the conception, detailed planning or acceptance of renovation measures. Our experience ranges from facade renovation to individual renovation plans and the conversion of historical buildings. We are particularly concerned with the appreciation of the existing building structure. Renovating instead of demolishing, building new - for us, this means building culture and protects the environment.

We will be happy to advise you on the selection and application of suitable government funding programs.

Energy certificate


An energy certificate is required by law for every building application or property sale with residential use. It is intended to provide data on energy efficiency and the energy costs incurred. This should enable tenants or prospective buyers to estimate the additional costs and compare buildings.

Archiformus is authorized to issue energy certificates and will also be happy to calculate your property. You can also benefit from our energy advice and develop your individual renovation plan with us.


Sun study

Screenshot 2022-11-30 104627.png
Screenshot 2022-11-30 104627.png

Overheating and summer heat protection are an increasing challenge for users and building operators. These requirements have also been reflected in the new Building Energy Act (GEG) since 2020. Archiformus plans buildings with the lowest possible use of air conditioning. To this end, we develop our buildings with well-thought-out shading strategies and low-tech solutions.

With the help of the latest computer software, we can analyze and optimize our ideas (Figure 13). Daylight studies for demanding uses are also possible.

We will be happy to advise you on the selection and application of suitable government funding programs.

Ventilation simulation


We develop individual ventilation concepts to avoid overheating and to keep the indoor air quality as high as possible. In line with the principle of minimizing the use of machines, our concepts follow natural conditions and traditional construction methods. We test and optimize our concepts with the help of computer-aided flow simulations.

Cleverly placed windows, trees or even hedges can direct the natural wind so that the room temperature can be reduced by up to 5 degrees.




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